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Instor Solutions and Electrorack Partner in Equipping Landmark Datacenter

Anaheim, CA - January 31, 2011 – Data center infrastructure advisor Instor Solutions has partnered with Electrorack in supplying general contractor Holder Construction with tailor-made enclosures for their client’s premier North American data center, located in North Carolina.

Holder Construction chose Instor to outfit its client’s world-class facility with racks, power, and blanking panels.  Instor selected Electrorack to create enclosures built specifically to address the owner’s precise and unique requirements concerning airflow, cable management and equipment mounting.

“We chose Electrorack chiefly for their ability to make design changes within a large-scale project to address specific needs on a timely basis,” said Bob Hancock, President of Instor Solutions.  “There were times when changes to specific racks had to be made to accommodate certain third-party systems, and Electrorack was able to make micro changes in a macro-production environment that resulted in an uninterrupted delivery schedule.”

“This data center has truly changed the playing field in terms of size, efficiency, and engineering, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring our expertise to the table to make it a reality,” commented Todd Schneider, Senior Product Manager at Electrorack.  “Outfitting a landmark data center on this scale while adhering to highly-aggressive implementation schedules – and producing one-off solutions – was achievable only through Electrorack’s unique, innovative design and manufacturing processes. It’s what separates us from other enclosure manufacturers.”

“The current trend in large-scale data center deployment is for the owners to control the design and configuration of the enclosures versus making trade-offs with off-the-shelf cabinets,” commented Scott Shew, Electrorack’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We saw this trend coming years ago, and positioned Electrorack to rapidly manufacture tailor-made enclosures while remaining competitive within today’s economic environment. Our collaborative process ensures that the resulting designs protect data centers from obsolescence while positioning them to address thermal, power, and space issues.”

About Instor

Instor is an expert in data center infrastructure solutions and partners with manufacturers who produce the most innovative solutions for the data center, including intelligent power distribution and monitoring, environmental monitoring, asset management, KVM, and custom server enclosures. Instor provides a wide variety of products and services used to support IT in both large and small enterprises.

Visit www.instor.com.

About Electrorack | A Legrand Group Division

Electrorack’s catalog of advanced data center solutions moves well beyond traditional “rack” offerings, and is based on helping next-generation facilities address the critical issues of heat, power, scalability, and sustainability.  Combining ready-to-install enclosures that incorporate cabling and IP-addressable power with Electrorack’s energy-efficient line of “IT” cooling solutions, data centers can meet their ‘green’ goals of achieving reduced energy costs and improved operating efficiencies.

Visit www.electrorack.com.


About Electrorack | A Group brand Legrand

Electrorack empowers next-generation facilities with the ability to address the issues of heat, power, scalability, and sustainability through fully-integrated enclosure engineering.  A never-obsolete, built-to-requirements approach delivers single-part number, pre-configured enclosures that cater to your specific site needs. Providing value, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency - that's The Power of e. Visit www.electrorack.com.

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