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Passive Cooling to 30kW

HydroCool-IT™ is a close-coupled, passive, water-cooled system designed to neutralize IT equipment heat at the rack and return cool air back to the room. Removing heat directly at the source prevents mixing of exhaust and supply air, which improves cooling infrastructure efficiency.

The HydroCool-IT maintains operation above the dew point, preventing any condensate at the coils.There are no additional fans, moving parts or electrical connections required at the rack, making retrofit easy.

And, with typical return on investments in less than one year, HydroCool-IT is not only energy efficient, but also a fiscally and environmentally responsible choice.

Why HydroCool-IT...
  • Provides up to 30kW of Cooling - Neutralizes heat at the rack before re-entering the room. 
  • Typical ROI in Less Than One Year - Energy efficient design offers fast payback.
  • Passive, Low-resistance Coil Design - No fans, moving parts or electrical connections at the rack, which reduces noise and maintenance.
  • Operates Above Dew Point /            No Condensate - Eliminates the need for condensate drains.
  • Rear Door Installs in Minutes -             Transition frames adapt to various manufacturers' enclosures for retrofits.
  • CDU Creates Secondary Chilled Water Loop - Secondary chilled water loop minimizes pressure and volume of water in mission-critical space.
  • Water treatment simplified by smaller secondary loop.
  • Top or Bottom-feed Door Designs - Accommodates raised floor or slab installations

The Details...

  HydroCool-IT Data Sheet

HydroCool-IT utilizes a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) to create a secondary chilled water loop and pump the appropriate amount of water to the Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx).

How HydroCool-IT

HydroCool-IT actively adjusts the coolant flow based on the equipment load in the rack. The system is designed to return air back to the space at the temperature it was supplied, eliminating any mixing.

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